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Sound Explorer is a composer and singer. As one of Turkey's first female electronic music composers, she has performed on stage and produced video, film and theater music. He has over 25 years of experience in the field of improvised music. The journey of experimentation and discovery with the human voice has been continuing since childhood. He explored psychoacoustic principles in his early compositions, and continued to investigate sound frequencies and the effects of music through both modern and ancient technologies. ​ Since the early 2000s, her pursuits have encouraged her to learn and practice disciplines such as Yoga Nidra, Somatic studies, Mindfulness, Yoga, Body therapies, Massage, Dance, Art therapy, Sound Healing Practitioner, and Storytelling. As a result of the integration of all these searching and learning processes, the foundations of his inner life were established and from this, the "Sound Explorers" and "SoNiCeLab" community projects were born. It continues to learn, teach and create around these formations with respect and love, constant development and curiosity. The discovery and development of deep listening skills are of central importance in his work. ​

Sound Explorers Fundamentals and Vision

Sound Explorers laid their foundations as a community in 2018. 

It was born with inspiration as a result of years of composition, music creation and production process, spiritual questioning, discovery, learning and synthesis curiosity. 

If we look at the nativity archetype, we can see the "Phoenix" bird. 

At that time, everything I knew to be true was going through a process of destruction. When I look at it today, it was actually a construction process that I couldn't notice while I was in it.


A platform of face-to-face and online education and experiences centered on play, discovery and science, focusing on Sound and Vibration.

The founders of the platform, which aims at solidarity, growth and development together, are Cenk Sarkuş and Nilüfer Ormanlı.


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